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24th March 2014 @ 02:51

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Prepared according to literature procedure (

5.89 g, 93% yield - requires full characterisation but 1H NMR indicates product formation.


To a solution of 3,4-difluoroiodobenzene (3.0 g, 12.5 mmol, 1.0 equiv.) and mCPBA (dried under vacuum at room temperature for 1 hour, assume 65%) 3.7 g, 13.8 mmol, 1.1 equiv.) in dichloromethane (33 ml) at 0 ˚C was added trifluoromethanesulfonic acid (1.8 mL) dropwise over 2 mins.

The ice bath was then removed and the reaction stirred for 2 hours at room temperature. It was then cooled to 0 ˚C and mesitylene (1.9 ml) was added dropwise over 2 minutes. The reaction was allowed to warm to room temperature and stirred overnight. The solvent was removed in vacuo and diethyl ether added. The resulting white solid was filtered and washed on the filter with diethyl ether to give the iodonium triflate as a solid that was dried at 100 ˚C under vacuum for 1 hour to give the desired product (5.89 g, 11.6 mmol, 93% yield).


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