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15th October 2013 @ 13:45


Started 21:05

2,6-Dichloropyrazine (1.123 g, 6.7 mmol) was vigorously stirred in ethanol (10 mL) and hydrazine hydrate (0.33 mL, 340 mg, 6.7 mmol) was added. The resulting mixture was heated at 105 ˚C for 16 h.

After completion (monitored by TLC, 30% EtOAc in Hexane, Rf = xxx) solvent was removed under vacuum to yield a crude orange solid (1.0745 mg). NMR data (EO 1-1A 1H NMR) showed significant starting material still present in the solid. Additional hydazine (0.33 mL, 340 mg, 6.7 mmol) was added and refluxed again for 20 hours at 106 oC, after wghich solvent was removed under vacuum to yield a cude yellow product ( 1.218 g). NMR data (EO 1-1B 1H NMR) was derived



TLC 16 h, 30% EtoAc in Hex



Hazard and Risk Assessment:

risk assesment first.pdf


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