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23rd July 2015 @ 08:00

This past month I've had the opportunity to do some work in the lab with Alice Williamson. My aim was the workup of four compounds (SSP-1:4) synthesised in an undergraduate lab

SSP compounds

here's a short summary of what I was able to accomplish: 

SSP-1: Once the bulk of the original solvent was removed, we ran SSP-1 through a silica column. However 1H NMR data suggested that there was still some impurities in the product. We thus ran the product through a second column. 1H NMR data looks promising, but still under analysis.

SSP-2: SSP-2 was succesfully worked up, with promising 1H NMR data.

SSP-3: SSP-3 was also succesfully worked up with promising 1H NMR data.

SSP-4: Unfortunately due to time constraints I wasn't able to finish off the work up of SSP-4, I presume that it will be finished up by Alice however. 

Overall I really enjoyed my time in the lab, met some great people and just had a great experience. I would recommend this to anyone, especially to those doing undergraduate studies in related Science degrees.I would like to thank again Alice Williamson and Mat Todd for providing me with the opportunity and taking the time to help me out on the way. 

All the best,

Sebastien Dath

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14th July 2015 @ 02:20


I'm Sebastien, currently a second year undergraduate at the University of Sydney. I've been helping out with data mangement online and have started doing volunteer work in the lab with Alice.

My goal over the next upcoming weeks is to seperate and purify four compounds synthesised by students in the Special Students Programme at the University of Sydney, SSP-1:SSP-4 . 

 SSP compounds

1H NMR will be used to confirm that the compounds were correctly seperated and purified.





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