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19th February 2014 @ 06:22



There is progress towards some of the final analogues for testing in Series 3. Over the summer project, compounds 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 were synthesised for coupling to produce the analogs 8 and 9. The reaction conditions for 7 were optimised and ensured consistency of yield. Progress is being made towards the synthesis of 5 then 6 to couple with 7 to produce the analog 10. At the moment, 6 has been synthesised and requires purification.

The final coupling of 8, 9 and hopefully 10 will take place by the end of this week, along with their purification if possible.  

Update 21/02/2013: The coupling of 8 was unsuccessful, and no other couplings were attempted by the end of the summer scholarship. Compound 6 will be used as crude due to difficulties with purification.

Future synthesis work to wrap up Series 3: 

1. (Re)Attempt the Suzuki coupling reaction to produce the analogs 8, 9 and 10 + purification for characterisation and biological testing

2. Synthesise analogs of the thienopyrimidine half (7) with methylamine, ethanolamine and N,N-dimethylethylenediamine (or N-methylethylenediamine) instead of ammonia substitution (should be able to do without the pressure tubes). These can then be coupled with the boronic ester of the (unsubstituted) benzenesulfonamide. 

3. Synthesise analogs of the boronic ester by substituting pyrrolidine or ethanolamine onto the sulfonyl chloride, and subsequent conversion to the boronic ester. These can then be coupled with the thienopyrimidine (7). 

Other work:

4. Check that all synthesised compounds have been assigned an OSM number, and whether there is still a sample of the compound

5. Check literature for whether the OSM compounds have been previously synthesised and/or characterised

6. Check whether enough characterisation data has been collected for each compound. If not enough and there is no remaining sample, then it will need to be resynthesised. 

7. Write up experimental procedure for the compounds

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