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20th January 2014 @ 03:54



Today I started what will be a six week Summer Scholarship research project at the University of Sydney with Mat Todd and Alice Williamson. I’ll be working on Series Four, with particular focus on the amide compounds.


I’m just about to start the fifth and final year of my Bachelor of Science (Adv.)/Bachelor of Arts degree. Aside from the courses I’ve taken as part of my chemistry major, I’ve done some other chemistry research projects. These have included work on metal-organic frameworks for use in carbon dioxide capture materials and an investigation into the physical properties of ionic liquids.


Although I do not have a med-chem background, I was drawn to the idea of a project based upon open source research. For me, the idea of a collaborative approach, as opposed to a secretive one in which it is impossible for scientists to share experiences and draw from others’ strengths, was very appealing.


I’m very excited to begin.