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5th September 2015 @ 04:35

At the end of July OSM announced our graphical abstract competition. We wanted a striking single image (that summed up the science and open methods employed in our work on series one) to accompany our upcoming publication.

The competition called for open submissions and we were delighted to receive two wonderful entries, which the judges (Justine Alltimes, John Overington, Javier Gamo, Mat Todd and Alice Williamson) struggled to choose between. Here goes...

First Prize

The judges felt that Viputheshwar Sitaraman's image displayed the science and open methodology in an extremely clear and attractive manner and effectively conveyed the essence of the paper in a single image.

Viputheshwar Sitaraman's image will be published as the graphical abstract for our next paper and he also wins $600 - Congratulations! Note that following the end of the competition, the winning entry was tweaked slightly to make it acceptable for submission to a journal alongside the paper. This version is attached (Revised Final Winner.psd and .jpg). Please use this version when discussing OSM.

Revised Final Winner.psd

Revised Final Winner.jpg

Second Prize

The judges also loved the beautiful entry by Merinda Jayne Ramage. This stunning image really illustrated the citizen science aspect of the project and the judges thought she captured the teamwork behind the science. OSM really look forward to using Merinda's image on some upcoming projects. Merinda wins $200.

A HUGE thank you to both Viputheshwar and Merinda - OSM were thrilled to receive work from two talented artists and we hope that this project is the first of many collaborations with artists. 

Licence: These images may be used with CC-BY attribution to this page and the name of the original artist.

Post orginally Authored by Alice Williamson

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First Prize.png
Second Prize.png
Revised Final Winner.psd
Revised Final Winner.jpg