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Re: Synthetic Plan for Series 4 by Jochen Brandt
13th November 2013 @ 09:52
To do the difluoromethylation you don't have to use freon, instead you can use Hartwig's method to start from the (toxic yet) convenient TMSCF3: DOI: 10.1002/anie.201209250

There are no examples of aliphatic alcohols in the paper but I assume that's because of the low yield. Aliphatic difluoromethyl ethers made with freon have yields in the 30-40% range, so you probably have the same problem here. After all, you generate the same carbene in both cases.

Alternatively, this paper could open another pathway, but I don't know how easy the reagent can be obtained: 10.1246/cl.2011.1189
Re: Synthetic Plan for Series 4 by OSM ELN
19th February 2014 @ 03:21
Tagging this post to make it more discoverable: CRO, synthesis, synth, Series 4, MMV670652, CR302-6082-84C