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22nd March 2015 @ 21:18

The 'top ten' Series Four compounds have been defined as:


I (Alice) will firstly take care of compounds 14 at Sydney University meaning that we'd like to open up compounds 510 for synthesis by the community.

Two proposed synthetic routes for  5 - 10 could be accessed are:

1 Condensation of corresponding aldehyde

This route has been well established in the project and works well. Its limitation is that late stage of the right hand aryl/aromatic group is not possible.


2 Synthesis of triazalopyrazine core, functionalisation and cross coupling

Synthesis of chlorotriazolopyrazine, bromination and subsequent dervitisation. Tom MacDonald worked on this route as part of his honours proect and showed that the first two steps work. Development of this route would enable more expedent access of the desired compounds.


If you have time to synthesise some of these molecules in your laboratory or if you have access to any related compounds or building blocks then please get in touch, either below, on GitHub, Twitter or email ( Thanks on behalf of the @O_S_M Consortium.


(Originally Authored by Alice)

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