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1st June 2013 @ 10:20
  PT-1-14C3 (24.0 mg, 90 umol) was suspended in methanol (2ml) and ammonia (4 ml, saturated aqueous) and stirred for 1 hour, then concentrated in vacuo to give the title compound as a tan solid (22.4 mg, 98%)   Analysis: NMR Consistent with desired product,ESI-Nom 273 (M+Na)+, 523 (2M+Na). HRMS consistent. [data]6504[/data][data]6656[/data][data]6654[/data][data]6652[/data][data]6558[/data][data]6660[/data][data]6658[/data]
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PT-1-15-B1 1H.pdf
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PT-1-15-B1 DEPT90.pdf
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PT-1-15-B1 HRMS1.pdf