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6th February 2013 @ 09:49




Several portions of crude product Resynthesis of MD 6-3 (PT-1-4) (31 mg, 62% purity, 54 umol) were suspended in 750 ul of solvents and stored in NMR tubes in the following ways:

A: CDCl3 with 5 equivalents SOCl2 (19 ul)

B: 10:90 CDCl3:SOCl2

C: CDCl3 with 5 equivalents oxalyl chloride (23 ul) and 0.1 equivalents DMF (~1 ul)

D: CDCl3 with 2 equivalents chlorosulfonic acid


The tubes were sonicated and inverted to produce a homogenous suspension ( where insoluble ) and analysed by NMR at the following time points: 3 weeks. Results inconclusive, experimenter was unduly distracted. Recommendation: further experiments.

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