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30th January 2013 @ 15:01


Crude product Resynthesis of MD 6-3 (PT-1-4) (31 mg, 62% purity, 54 umol) was dissolved in neat thionyl chloride (3 ml) and stirred overnight at room temperature under a dry nitrogen atmosphere. The thionyl chloride was removed in vacuo and replaced by a pyridine solution of H-Sar-OMe•HCl (5eq in 3 ml, 34 mg). The reaction was stirred at room temperature for a further 3 hours, whereupon TLC indicated recovery of unreacted starting acid only (1:9 MeOH:CHCl3, Rf ca. 0.5); for future experiments, progress should be tested during the chlorination step.

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PT-1-6 Risk Assessment.pdf
Re: Chlorination of PT-1-4A (PT-1-6) by Patrick Thomson
30th January 2013 @ 15:10
Note - chlorosulfonic acid should be avoided, since it'll be attacked by the pyrrole 4-position and make a double sulfonyl chloride as in PT-1-3.