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21st March 2012 @ 06:36
Product obtained in 96% yield overall. === Synthesis of pyrazole analogue core from ethyl acetoacetate, dimethylformamide dimethyl acetal and phenylhydrazine. [b]Reaction Start Time: 08.35 22/03/12[/b] Ethyl acetoacetate (2.0 mL, 15.7 mmol, 1 equiv.) and dimethylformamide dimethyl acetal (2.2 mL, 16.6 mmol, 1.06 equiv.) were mixed then heated to 100 °C. The mixture turns yellow to orange. After 20 minutes, the reaction is a red solution, refluxing at
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TLC 50 minutes
TLC stage 2, 2 hours
1H NMR intermediate
1H NMR crude
1H NMR crude PDF