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18th November 2014 @ 06:53

Attached is the template for the OSM Newsletter. Currently uploaded is the April 2014 version.


To be converted to PDF prior to circulation, past experience showed better results when the newsletter was produced in Keynote prior to PDF conversion. Also attached.

OSM Newsletter April 2014.key


All logos in shared 'openchem' folder in dropbox in the 'website' subfolder.

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2nd May 2014 @ 03:21

The Medicines for Malaria Venture, one of the funders of OSM, requires report to be submitted for its Expert Scientific Advisory Committee. Since OSM is open, these documents (other than a few confidential financial details) can be shared and completed with community input. Attached to this post are the blank versions of the documents. Link to be inserted here where these documents are being completed.

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