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5th May 2016 @ 11:41

Update: Meeting recording. Follow-up planned here.

The next meeting will be hosted by Mark Gardner from AMG Consultants on May 24th. The link for registration is here (needed to get the link to join). Discussion can happen below or over on GHI386. The meeting will be part webinar, describing the project in outline briefly as well as ways for people to play with the data, and then some key issues facing the team will be outlined. These issues will be described ahead of the meeting.

Download: Slide deck for the webinar.

OSM Webinar Second Final Deck.pptm

Download: Pre-meeting slide deck giving more information on the issues to be presented.

OSM Webinar Second Flyer v2.pptm

Download: The Series 4 Compound SDF (as of May 18th 2016)


This can be generated on the fly at Cheminfo.

Download: Slides from Chris Swain on how to interact with OSM's data


Follow-up OSM meeting that will gather and digest community inputs during and since the previous meeting. Click here to join. Wednesday 8th June at the same times of day as first meeting (8am East Coast US, Brazil, 1pm UK, 2pm CET, SAST, 10pm Sydney).

Initial flyer advertising the first meeting:

Initial Flyer for OSM Meeting 11

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