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9th July 2014 @ 18:57

MMV held their Expert Scientific Advisory Committee meeting in Berlin in June 2014. OSM had submitted a report:

Reports Submitted to MMV ESAC Meeting June 2014

and while the project was not formally discussed at the event, feedback was obtained from ESAC members on the project. The report is attached. This is a very useful document since it contains anonymous feedback from highly experienced medicinal chemists from academia and industry.

Key Science Issues

1) LogP. The over-arching recommendation is to get the logP for Series 4 down. This will help solubility, hERG and even metabolic liability.

2) Metabolism. A recommendation to do some predictive metabolic work. This has in fact already started:

Predicting sites of metabolism

3) Core. Modifications such as imidazolylpyrazines, perhaps to compare in silico properties before synthesis. These have been investigated and such a substitution was found to be a relatively poor strategy.

4) De-planarising. In the design of analogs attempts should be made to de-planarise, e.g. through introductions of stereogenic centres or through replacement of aromatic rings with non-aromatic structures.

5) Heteroaryls. Seen as generally useful. This is already being involved in the design phase.

6) MoA. Chemical biology approaches are recommended to provide evidence of MoA beyond the ATP4 assay.

7) Chemical Space. Check that these compounds fall outside the chemical space of any relevant patents.


Key Website Issues

ESAC members found the website difficult to navigate. Though regular members of the OSM team do not, it is important that feedback is listened to and acted upon from intelligent people with an interest in the project who do not find navigation simple since it is vital that the web page does not deter potential contributors.

We will organise another OSM meeting dedicated to improved web design in a couple of weeks. Naturally the web presence is built to maximise automation on a very limited budget for this aspect. OSM has the unique need to combine regular website/news functions with daily additions of raw data.

Specific issues:

1) Need an improved section describing what the project is.

2) Improved guidance as to how to navigate the various components. This is where the most benefit might accrue in the short term.

3) For many people the Github section in the middle of the Landing Page is off-putting since it can sometimes read as text-only strings that make little sense.

4) Need greater use of visual links.

5) Better grouping of the information to help new visitors find the most relevant information.

6) Can we improve the website through the use of student volunteers?

7) Some ESAC members found that OSM did not rank highly in web searches. This may arise from Google personalising results for signed-in users, but these results should be checked. Experiment set up: GH Issue 231.

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