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5th November 2017 @ 20:45

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Masses and measurements:

Triazolopyrazine - 0.2061g, 6.64mmol

THF - 1.5mL

4-fluorophenyl ethan-1-ol - 0.16mL, 1.28mmol

NaH - 0.0291g, 1.21mmol



Triazolopyrazine (0.2061g, 6.64mmol) was added to THF (1.5mL) under an inert atmosphere and whilst stiriing. Still under an inert atmosphere, 4-fluorophenylethan-1-ol (0.16mL, 1.28mmol) was added to the stirring solution. Next the NaH (0.0291g, 1.21mmol) was added and the reaction mixture was put under ice and left to react for a few hours until TLC analysis (1:1 ethyl acetate & pet ether) confirmed the reaction was complete. The resulting solution was seperated using ethyl acetate,then dried with MgSO4. The precipitate was filtered out and the filtrate was rotary evaporated leaving behind the final product of 3-(4-bromophenyl)-5-(4-fluorophenethoxy)-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3,a]pyrazine which was dark brown solid.

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