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18th August 2016 @ 02:21

Rationale: Modification of Edwin Tse's ether-triazole scaffold. See also

Synthesis: Click-reaction of TMSN₃ with 3-(4-(difluoromethoxy)phenyl)-5-(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy)-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyrazine (EGT 87-1)


25th July 2016 @ 02:07

Rationale: Modification of Neil Norcross's "N16" idea

20th July 2016 @ 16:52

Rationale: Improved solubility and ease of (re)crystallization

Synthesis: Synthesis of Sulfonamide I (see structures below) was attempted by Edwin Tse of The University of Sidney. Sadly, no product was formed and the synthesis of both sulfonamide I and II were scrapped after multiple attempts to produce sulfonamide I failed. There are other ways to produce sulfonamides besides the methods tried but the sulfonamide idea was abandoned due to the fact that MMV669103 was inactive in testing and that there are currently more pressing synthesises to be worked upon (such as the production of cubane series and the ether-triazole series)

Sulfonamide I:

Sulfonamide II:

18th July 2016 @ 00:49

Rationale: Modification of MMV669848

Synthesis: Dehydrate MMV669848 with DDQ?

17th July 2016 @ 03:08

Rationale: Modification of MMV669360