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7th March 2013 @ 02:53

Chlorination of the sulfonate pyrrole using oxalyl chloride for further synthesis to a sulfonamide.


Reaction start time: 12:50 PM EST, 8/3/13

MD 6-5 (0.12 g, 0.20 mmol, 1 equiv.) was stirred in dry DCM (2 mL) followed by addition of dry DMF (15 uL, 0.20 mmol, 1 equiv.). Dropwise oxalyl chloride (0.14 mL, 1.6 mmol, 8 equiv.). The reaction mixture was stirred at room temperature under Argon for 2 hours.

DCM (20 mL) and water (20 mL) was added to the reaction, the organic layer was dried and concentrated to give a brown grainy oil (0.11 mg). Which was used with no further purification.

Risk and Hazard assessment:

MD 27-1 RA.pdf
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