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24th June 2013 @ 07:53
2-bromo-2-methylpropionamide (97% yield) was synthesised from 2-bromoisobutyryl bromide. === Synthesis of 2-bromo-2-methylpropionamide from 2-bromoisobutyryl bromide. To be used in investigating silver oxide coupling of tertiary alkylbromides with alcohols.     Reaction start time: 5:00 PM EST 24/6/13 2-bromoisobutyryl bromide (0.42 mL, 0.78 g, 0.39 mmol, 1 equiv.) was stirred in hexane (5 mL) at 0°C, to the mixture was added ammonium hydroxide (0.8 mL, 0.39 mmol, 1 equiv.) as 6 portions divided over 30 minutes. The reaction was stirred for another 30 minutes. A white percipitate formed, which was filtered and washed with cold water. A powdery white solid (0.34 g, 0.36 mmol, 97% yield).   Characterisation: 1H-NMR(300MHz, CDCl3): δ 1.97(s, 6H), 5.71(brs, 1H), 6.61(brs, 1H). M.P. of 150°C - 153°C, matched literature values.   NMR: [data]6740[/data] [data]6742[/data] See also: 1. 2-bromo-2-methylpropionamide HNMR Risk and Hazard Assessment: [data]6616[/data]
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Re: Synthesis of 2-bromo-2-methylpropionamide (MD 33-1) by Alice Williamson
24th June 2013 @ 08:53
Risk class missing from top right of HIRAC - please add. Risk Assessment approved.