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3rd October 2016 @ 23:30

Started 9/24

Based on AEW 219-2.



MRLS 5-1 (5.2874 g, 31.8 mmol) and DHP were dissolved in anydrous CH2Cl2 under Argon in an ice bath. PPTS (0.2475 g, 0.96 mmol) was added to the reaction mixture. Left stirring in the ice bath for 5 hours. Then removed from ice bath and left stirring at room temperature for 17 hours. 




Poured mixture into a separatory funnel, and added 90 mL of DCM. Shook with portions of ice-cold H2O (15 mL X 3). Washed organic layers with 20 mL of NaHCO3. Dried with MgSO4, filtered, and then put under rotovap. Yield: 7.72 g, 97% yield. 

Took NMR and GC-MS.

GC-MS has many strange peaks-I suspect that the two large twin peaks might be diastereomers of the product (have similar fragments/mass peaks).

Attached Files
MRLS 6-1 carbon nmr.pdf
MRLS 6-1 proton assigned.pdf
MRLS 6-1 GCMS.pdf