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23rd May 2014 @ 02:16

Github Link:

Four OSM compounds have been chosen for hERG testing, along with two earlier MMV compounds:



hERG testing spreadsheet.xlsx

Image and .cdx of compounds to be sent:

hERG testing compounds.png

hERG testing compounds.cdx



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21st May 2014 @ 01:56

Thirteen Series 4 compounds have been submitted for biological evauation against plasmodium falciparum and TB (awaiting details of TB assay). The compounds are a mixture of ether, thioether, amine and amide linked compounds, along with two key building blocks.

Single Shot Potencies were obtained: Single Shot Potencies for Compounds Submitted to GSK


Additionally, some Series 3 compounds were sent for testing.

Some compounds inherited from at TB project also being performed in the Todd Lab were also sent for evaluation.

Data to be posted later.

Originally authored by Alice

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20th May 2014 @ 12:45

Attached sheet lists all compounds inherited by OSM from MMV at the start of the Series 4 campaign with remaining stock - SMILEs only, no structures - along with potencies. This is an update version of the sheet originally listed in MMV triazolopyrazine data

New data from July 2014:

TP compounds with solid amounts 24-07-2014.xlsx


Now also included is a PDF sheet containing the compound structures, generated by members of the community from the Excel file. 

Structures of Inherited Compounds.pdf


Older data from March 2014:

TP compounds with solid amounts 14_3_14.xlsx


(these files uploaded by Mat)


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