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25th September 2014 @ 09:00

Six "Near Neighbour" compounds in OSM Series 1 were synthesised by an undergraduate cohort at Lawrence University supervised by Stefan Debbert. The compounds have been evaluated for potency by Julie Clark in Kip Guy's lab. The results are summarised below and may be found in full in the attached spreadsheet. Julie said "I ran 2 independent experiments with a data analysis for each experiment, then I re-ran the data analysis for both runs together (combined analysis)." The data will be folded into the first OSM paper that is being written.

Debbert Guy Data

Two of the compounds (OSM-S-37 and OSM-S-111) have been evaluated for potency before. The new numbers matche very well in one case, and not so well in the other. One compound (OSM-A-2 note that the "A" stands for Appleton, where the compounds were made) appears to be unstable, given the difference in the values obtained between the two measurements. Two of the other compounds (OSM-A-1 and OSM-A-4) display low activity. One new compound of the six (OSM-A-3) displays good potency, in fact the best of the set.

At the time of writing, this series is parked, but can be pursued further by anyone. Compounds are potent and synthetically accessible.

(A note from the OSM team to the students who made these compounds - way to go, guys)


Julie Clark provided the attached Word file as a description of the protocol used in the assay.


(This entry authored by Mat)


OSM-S-111, SJ000849514-1, 

OSM-A-2, SJ000849515-1, 

OSM-A-1, SJ000849516-1, 

OSM-A-4, SJ000849517-1, 

OSM-S-37, SJ000849518-1, 

OSM-A-3, SJ000849519-1, 

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