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11th July 2013 @ 11:13

Biological evaluation of OSM-E-4 through 8 performed at the Dundee Drug Discovery Unit by Irene Hallyburton.

Unfortunately all five compounds tested were inactive, possibly with some low activity at maximum doses (0.05 mM) although this may be an artifact of the fitting.

OSM-E-4 was dosed according to concentrations calculated with a molecular weight of 240 rather than 314 due to inconsistent mass specta available when samples were sent to Dundee.

Given that OSM-E-4 is inactive, I do not recommend that this sample is rerun: Tthe consequence of this miscalculation is that the lower limit of activity is even higher than normal and this compound is extra-specially inactive.



OSM-E-4 through OSM-E-8.pdf


Synthetic procedures: OSM-E-4 through 7 were synthesised in one experiment: Synthesis of PT-1-14 and OSM-E-8 was synthesised here: Amidation of PT-1-14C3 (PT-1-15)

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