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9th May 2013 @ 12:44

Biological evaluation of OSM-E-1 through 3 performed at the Dundee Drug Discovery Unit by Irene Hallyburton.

Unfortunately all three compounds tested were inactive, possibly with activity ~60,000 nM for OSM-E-2 although this may be an artifact of the fitting.



OSM-E-1 through OSM-E-3 - corrected protocol.pdf


Synthetic procedures: 

OSM-E-1: Amidation of PT-1-9A (PT-1-10)

OSM-E-2: Amidation of PT-1-11 (PT-1-12)

OSM-E-3: amidation of PT-1-3C (PT-1-5)

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OSM-E-1 through OSM-E-3.png
OSM-E-1 through OSM-E-3.pdf
OSM-E-1 through OSM-E-3 - corrected protocol.pdf
Re: Biological Activities of OSM-E-1 through 3 by Patrick Thomson
10th December 2014 @ 15:21
Note: A typographical error in the protocol was corrected on December 10th 2014.