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8th November 2012 @ 07:19
Image as a pdf for better quality - [data]4004[/data] Image as a pdf for better quality - [data]3994[/data] [data]3988[/data][data]4000[/data]
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2012_11_06_Sydney cpds batch 2 - 1.pdf
OSM-S-72 to 80 curves_Nov 2012.pzf
OSM-S-72 to 80 raw data_Nov 2012.xlsx
arylpyrroles _series _October_data_.pdf
pyrimidine_series _October.png
arylpyrroles _series _October.png
2012_11_06_Sydney cpds batch 2-2.pdf
Sydney compounds IC 50_SB_Oct_Nov 2012.xlsx
pyrimidine_series _October_data.pdf
Re: November Results from Vicky Avery by Matthew Todd
12th May 2013 @ 02:49
Sabine mentioned that this time there were slight solubility issues:
cpds OSM-S-74 and 80 were opaque after dissolving.
cpds OSM-S-76, 94 and 95 showed still very few, tiny non-dissolved crystals after incubation on a shaker over night.
cpds OSM-S-78, 79, 84 and 85 had a few particles floating after dissolving, that looked like dust