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8th January 2012 @ 11:00
Vicky Avery and team at the Eskitis Institute in Queensland evaluated the same set of compounds as Ralph/Pham. Data sent to Sydney on 19th Dec 2011. Posting here on their behalf.


The attached excel has the IC50 values determined from 21 point dose response curves for both K1 and 3D7 strains. This was performed in two separate screening rounds, 4 data points per dose. Plus, HEK-293 cytox data - duplicate point single experiment.

Avery Data (Excel)

(Please note that Sandra noticed a discrepancy between the electronic numbering system she was sent and the accompanying paper copy of structures and corresponding compound ID's. She has noted this in the attached excel file. Explanation from Paul Ylioja: the paper copy of structures included contained the batch number sent to GSK (14-1). 14-3 is a newer batch of the same compound.)
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Avery Data (Excel)
Re: Second Analysis of First Set of Compounds (Avery) by Matthew Todd
8th January 2012 @ 11:04
Note that the Excel sheet does not contain the raw data in an easily-readable sense. The sheet indicates the data can be viewed with "prizm" but we do not have this in Sydney.