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9th May 2013 @ 10:43
Mnr: mnr121-130

Starting material from - Nucleophilic Displacement of MNR99 with ethyl 1-piperazinecarboxylate to give MNR126-1

As for - Bromination of MNR100-2 to give MNR101-2

Hazard Assessment



MNR126-1 (1.42 g, 4.86 mmol) was dissolved in THF (100 mL) and cooled to -78 °C.  To the stirring solution was added n-BuLi (2.5 M in hexanes, 2.91 mmol, 7.29 mmol) and the stirring was continued for 30 minutes.  Bromine (0.5 mL, 9.71 mmol) was added dropwise and the reaction mixture was allowed to reach room temperature and was stirred for 2 hours.  Sodium thiosulfate solution (100 mL) was added and the mixture was extracted with EtOAc (3 x 100 mL).  The organic layers were commbined, dried and filteres then concentrated in vacuo to yield the crude as pale yellow solid.

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Re: Bromination of MNR126-1 to give MNR128-1 by Alice Williamson
17th May 2013 @ 11:32
Attempted purification of this reaction mixture by recrystallisation from EtOH. TLC and 1H NMR indicate several products that seem difficult to separate . I think something went wrong with the reaction (perhaps BuLi no good). Reaction mixture be repeated.