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12th March 2013 @ 05:09
Repeat of AT-6-3 using recovered starting material. Modification of conditions for optimisation. To AT-5 (0.149 g, 0.60 mmol, 1.0 equiv.) in isopropanol (4 mL) was added ammonia (8 mL) and the reaction mixture heated at 120 C in a sealed tube. Complete disappearance of starting material was observed after 6 h. The reaction was repeated with another batch of starting material (0.200 g) under the same conditions.    Both reactions were combined, concentrated under reduced pressure and the residue purified by flash column chromatography (95:4.5:0.5 dichloromethane:methanol:ammonia) to give the product AT-6 (0.244 g, 76%) as a yellow solid.    HIRAC [data]5732[/data]   NMR [data]5784[/data]
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