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1st December 2014 @ 11:05
Summary: Suzuki cross-coupling on the product of TF6-1. The reaction is analogous to previous cross-couplings performed by Patrick (PT-22), and my own syntheses, TF3-1 and TF4-1.   Hazard and Risk Assessment: [data]14239[/data] Reaction Scheme: Procedure: The procedure was scaled down from analogous syntheses so as to use 20mg of the thienopyrimidine starting material. TF6-1 (20mg, 0.069mmol), MNR103 (23.4mg, 0.0828mmol) and PdCl2(dppf) (11.26mg, 20mol%) were placed in a sealed vessel along with IPA (1.5mL) and K2CO3 (0.15mL). The vessel was heated in a 200W microwave at 90oC for 30 mins. The reaction mixture was purified to give a rich brown solid with a yield of 17.8mg (0.0488mmol, 70.8%).  Data:   [data]14305[/data][data]14351[/data][data]14583[/data][data]14585[/data][data]14683[/data]   InChi:   InChI=1S/C15H16N4O3S2/c16-24(21,22)11-4-1-3-10(7-11)13-8-12-14(23-13)15(19-9-18-12)17-5-2-6-20/h1,3-4,7-9,20H,2,5-6H2,(H2,16,21,22)(H,17,18,19)  
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