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4th December 2017 @ 15:08

SNAr reaction 


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Reagent Equivalent Molecular Weight mMol Quantity
4-flurophenylethan-1-ol 2 140.00 7.10 0.9mL
Sodium Hydride 2 24.00 14.06 540.00mg
Triazolopyrazine 1 309.55 3.55 1100.00mg
THF - - - 30.00mL


THF (30.00mL) was added to Triazolopyrazine (1100.00mg, 3.5mmol) and the mixture was stirred under a nitrogen atmosphere. 4-flurophenylethan-1-ol (0.9mL, 7.10mmol) was added and the mixture was cooled in ice. NaH (540.00mg, 14.06mmol) was added and the dark brown mixture was stirred and left under a nitrogen atmosphere for 2 hours (RMTP).  

nitrogen atmosphere.jpg

TLC analysis (Petroleum ether/EtOAc 25:75) confirmed that the reaction had worked.

HCl (2M) and EtOAc (60.00mL) were added to separate the solution, the sample was filtered. The solution was dried over MgSO4 which was filtered off and rinsed with EtOAc. The solution was evaporated in vacuo. 

The crude was purified via flash column chromatography (100% Ethyl acetate). TLC analysis (100% ethyl acetate) showed that test tubes 19-57 contained the product.

repeat 1-15.jpg
repeat 17-32.jpg
repeat 33-47.jpg
repeat final 57.jpg

The product was collected and dried in vacuo. This formed golden crystals.

1H NMR of the product NH-1-007 was taken in chloroform. The NMR showed the desired structure.

The product was weighed and dissolved in CDCl3 to ensure that no product was left in the round bottom flask. This was left to dry. The product was re-weighed (360.00mg, 0.87mol, 24%)

Analysis of product NH-1-004

δH(400 MHz, CDCl3: 9.01 (3H, s, CHAr), 7.61 (4H, d, CHAr), 6.91 (2H, d, CHAr), 6.78 (2H, d, CHAr) 4.42 (6H, s, CHAr) and 2.94 (6H, s, CHAr).


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