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14th February 2014 @ 05:33

I did a literature search using SciFinder of the above reaction to see what were the established synthetic routes for the formation of the hydrazone. This search is to add to the Github issue #97 where there has been a discussion regarding the difficulties associated with PIDA cyclisation.

The literature search was carried out using the same method I used here: Literature Search for Carbonylation of Chloropyrazine (Series 4).

Summary of routes using eight different sets of reaciton conditions:

Hydrazone Synthesis.docx


I also did a literature search using the same search method for this reaction:

to see if there were any reaction conditions in the literature for the condensation of a similar hydrazone, other than that use in this paper (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201001999). This search also ties in with the discussion in the Github issue #97.

Summary of routes using three different sets of reaciton conditions:

Hydrazone Condensation.docx
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Hydrazone Synthesis.docx
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Hydrazone Condensation.docx