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25th September 2013 @ 10:23

At the end of May, an open consultation was held to decide the next aminothienopyrimidines for synthesis as part of the OSM project. The team postulate that this round of synthesis might be the last for the aminothienopyrimidines (ATPs) and want to select the 'best' compounds to give a detailed SAR for this series.

A summary of the compounds tested to date can be found in scheme 1 of the open consultation and activities of all compounds can be found on the summary page.

The compounds below have already been synthesised and are ready for testing:

The synthesis of the 'final' compounds is going to be divided between different chemistry labs but firstly, the team need some assistance in prioritisation of or selection of new compounds. The next compounds that have been proposed are (numbering matches that used in the open consultation to avoid confusion):

Mike Robins recently produced a really nice voting tool for us to use when making project decisions. Please vote here for your favourite compounds by placing them in rank order and/or providing comments to explain your choice. If you would like to suggest alternative compounds please upload to the blog or alternatively send the structures to and one of the team will upload your suggestion(s)/comment(s) for you.

Many Thanks for your help!

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