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1st February 2012 @ 23:19
Target synthesised in 56% yield.


Synthesis and isolation of the acid chloride of PMY 8-4 for coupling reactions.

Reaction Scheme

Reaction start time: 10.05 02/02/12
PMY 8-4 (150 mg, 0.64 mmol, 1 equiv.) was stirred in dry PhMe (3 mL) and cooled in ice. Thionyl chloride (75 μL, 1.03 mmol, 1.6 equiv.) was added followed by DMF (approx 20 μL, 1 drop). The reaction was allowed to warm to room temperature. After 3.5 hours, reaction was concentrated under reduced pressure. PhMe (3 mL) added and concentrated again, then the black solids were triturated with hexane (3 mL). The hexane solution was filtered and concentrated to a yellow solid with small amounts of yellow oil (90 mg, 56% of theory).


See also:
Synthesis of pyrrole acid chloride of PMY 8-3 (PMY 32-1)

Risk and Hazard Assessment:
As for Synthesis of TCMDC-123812 via acid chloride (PMY 10-1).
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