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21st January 2014 @ 03:19

Attached to this post are files associated with the OSM wiki page for Series 4, the triazolopyrazines.

If downloaded and modified, please upload new version with an intuitive name.

Attached Files
Amide Library.cdx
Amide Library.png
Representative TP Compound.cdx
Original PfATP4 Activities.cdx
Original PfATP4 Activities.jpg
Representative TP Compound.png
Cycloaliphatic Triazole Subst.cdx
Core Mod of Triazole.png
Cycloaliphatic Triazole Subst.png
Core Mod of Triazole.cdx
Pyrazine Subst.cdx
Pyrazine Subst.png
The Ethers.cdx
Pyrazine Transposition.cdx
Pyrazine Transposition.png
Core Mod Pyrazine 2.png
Pyrazine Substitution Mods.png
Pyrazine Substitution Mods.cdx
Core Mod Pyrazine 2.cdx
Core Mod Pyrazine 1.png
Core Mod Pyrazine 1.cdx
Core Mods Triazole.cdx
Core Mod v2.cdx
Core Mod of Triazole v2.cdx
Cycloaliphatic Triazole Subst v2.png
Core Mods Triazole.png
Cycloaliphatic Triazole Subst v2.cdx
Core Pyrazine Mods.cdx
The Other Linkers Abbreviated.cdx
The Other Linkers.png
The Other Linkers Abbreviated.png
The Other Linkers.cdx
Amide Library v2.cdx
Amide Library v2.png
The Ether Library.cdx
The Ether Library.png
MMV669844 and MMV639565.png
Metabolism Summary.cdx
Physicochem Sue Compounds.cdxml
Physicochem Sue Compounds.png
Metabolism Summary.png
Core Mod Triazolopyridines.cdx
Core Mod Triazolopyridines.png
Benzylic Ethers.cdx
Benzylic Alcohols.cdx
Benzylic Ethers.png
Benzylic Alcohols.png
The Ether Library June15 update.cdx
Core Mod Triazolopyridines.cdx
The Ether Library June15 update.png
New Ideas for June1.cdxml
Core Mod Triazolopyridines.png
New Ideas for June1.png
Original Wiki Metabolism Summary Jul 2015.cdx
Original Wiki Metabolism Summary Jul 2015.png
Edinburgh Pyridine Compounds.cdxml
Edinburgh Pyridine Compounds.png