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11th September 2013 @ 10:54

The PDF report attached to this post contains PK and efficacy information on Series 4 - the triazolopyrazines. The data will be incorporated into the relevant wiki, but is posted here for completeness. Document released to OSM by Paul Willis from MMV.

Initial PK Efficacy.pdf

Compound of most interest in this report is MMV639565:


Announcing OSM Series 4 - the Triazolopyrazines

Strings for MMV639565


InChI InChI=1S/C19H13ClF2N4O/c20-14-4-2-13(3-5-14)19-25-24-17-10-23-11-18(26(17)19)27-8-7-12-1-6-15(21)16(22)9-12/h1-6,9-11H,7-8H2

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Initial PK Efficacy.pdf