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15th May 2012 @ 00:53
Biological testing of the 2nd round of compounds reported on 05/05/12 by James S. Pham from the University of Melbourne.

Visual summary of results and compound structures:
Visual Summary

Methods Overview:
"Compounds were tested for inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum growth using a SYBR green I fluorescence based assay. Dose response curves were generated comprising of 8 points using a 2-fold serial dilution for the maximum final concentration of 1000 nM. The lowest concentration tested was 7.81 nM."

Raw Data originally posted on Google+ along with a detailed method description and report.

Raw data and graphs in excel format:
Raw Data and Graphs

Compounds tested:
PMY 12-5, PMY 27-2, PMY 31-5, PMY 34-1, ZYH 3-1, ZYH 5-1, ZYH 6-1/6-2, ZYH 7-2, ZYH 10-2 A, ZYH 10-2 B, ZYH 12-1/12-2, ZYH 15-1, ZYH 16-1, ZYH 17-1, ZYH 18-1, ZYH 19-1, ZYH 22-3, ZYH 23-1

Analysis of the same compounds:
Second Round of Evaluation by GSK Tres Cantos
Second Round of Evaluation by the Avery Lab

Results largely consistent with above analyses.
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Raw Data and Graphs
Visual Summary