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10th January 2012 @ 02:33
Analysis of PMY 2-4, PMY 6-1, PMY 10-2 (TCMDC-123812), PMY 11-2 (TCMDC-123794), PMY 12-1 and PMY 14-1 (acyl near neighbour) by GSK Tres Cantos courtesy of Felix Calderon.

Assay details have been previously reported and are provided in the supporting information.

IC50 48hrs:
PMY 10-2 (TCMDC-123812) 0.818 μM
PMY 11-2 (TCMDC-123794) 0.245 μM
PMY 14-1 0.047 μM
Atovaquone 0.001 μM
Pirimethamine 0.033 μM
Artesunate 0.019 μM
Chloroquine 0.052 μM

GSK Data

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GSK Data
Re: Re-evaluation of TCMDC-123794, TCMDC-123812 and others by GSK Tres Cantos by Chris Southan
24th January 2012 @ 19:56
You and/or collaborators may be doing this already but I can offer to take a close look at the 2D and 3D neigbourhood of the new actives in PubChem.

Yours, Chris Southan