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16th October 2013 @ 00:38

See MJT-9-2 for first attempt. This time, 2 equiv. of nBuLi used and 2 equiv. bromine.

AEW 88-1 (280 mg, 1.69 mmol) was dissolved in THF (34 mL ~0.05 M) and cooled to -78 °C.  n-BuLi (2.5 M in hexane, 1.36 mL, 3.39 mmol, 2.0 equiv.) was added and stirring continued for 30 minutes. Bromine (0.175 mL, 3.39 mmol, 2.0 equiv.) was added dropwise and the reaction mixture was allowed to reach room temperature whilst stirring for 4 hours. Monitored by TLC over the 4 hours, still SM but faint spot above seems to be growing more intense. Orange solution left to stir at RT overnight.


TLC (EtOAC) 4 h:

AEW 96-1.jpeg

Hazard and Risk Assessment:

See Repeat synthesis of 6-bromo-N-methylthieno[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4-amine (MJT 9-2)

InChi String:




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